Minggu, 27 November 2011

10 Things That Are Going to Surprise You In Amsterdam

There are 10 things that are going to surprise you in the Netherlands:

Bicycles in the Netherlands is like any other transport. Everybody uses them, from baby to adult. There are few passers-by but many bicycles in the streets. Bicycle lanes are very comfortable. On one side of the street they move forward, on another side - they move back. 
A car for 1 person. But can it be called a car? So tiny! No driving license is needed!
Snow white ducks
When you leave a bicycle outside, a saddle may soon get wet, so special covers are sold.
Old wood mills not only milled the flour. They grinded paints, pressed butter and lumbered.
Juice bottles wear cute hats.
There is a place with pins in Vondelpark, people pin the things lost by others here. Someone pinned this thing...
Combination of rye bread with raisins, pistachio and cereal is very cool!
The office of a popular website booking.com where people book hotel rooms is situated in Amsterdam.
Adult playgrounds


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