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In the Subway of Shanghai

Shanghai subway is the biggest one in the world (420km), everyday passenger throughput is over 7 million people. Shanghai is the third city in China after Beijing and Tianjin where subway construction was started. This is one of the newest and promptly developing subway systems numbering 12 operating lines and 5 lines being built including those which continue the operating lines.  According to the long-term plans, before 2025 they plan to build 11 subway lines more and 10 lines of light rail transport in Shanghai.
Entrance, you see right here what lines it leads to.  

The subway of Shanghai is quite modern, fast and cheap, all stations look neat. The design, though, is rather dull cause they use cheap materials for decoration. The subway sooner looks like some provincial trading centre. The colored lines on the glass designate color of the line the station belongs to

In the subway of Shanghai they use the payment system depending on a distance. In September, 15th, 2005, after increase in the cost, 3km cost 3 yuans, 46 km cost 8 yuans.
In the end of 2005 they began to use the unified system of payment (before that, when people changed one line for another they had to pay additionally, because the lines belong to different companies).
 All tickets are sold via automatic machines. To arrange a queue they made a fence.
 To buy a ticket one has to choose the station he goes to and the system will calculate the price. The ticket is an ordinary plastic card which you have to return at the exit.
 Some stations have metal detection gateways.
 Excepted items
 Stations resemble each other
 As opposed to other subway systems in the world, in the Shanghai subway they apply upper current collection. The track width meets the European standards - 1435 mm, it lets carry cars using the railway net of the country.

The subway is properly equipped for the disabled people. On line 4 the platform is deparated from the rails by a transparent wall with sliding doors. Other lines of the subway will be soon equipped like this too. 

LCD displays show ads and the name of the following station. Passengers can also hear the voice announcing stations in Chinese and English, in Chinese only it says about places of interest, stores near the station.

It's hot at the stations, but in trains they use air conditioners.
Passage underground. Everything here is of low quality, tiles are loose, many leakages. 
 At the exit homeless people sleep, seems nobody drives them out.
 Arrows help to find a way

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