Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Kesalahan fatal keypad qwerty

kamu tau gak, kalo keypad qwerty mempunyai kesalahan yg sangat fatal dalam penyusunan huruf2nya. Yup, dan kesalahan itu adalah pada penempatan huruf T dan huruf Y berdekatan.


Jadi gini. Misalnya anda sedang disms bos anda, dia menceritakan lelucon kepada anda. Dan tentunya sebagai staff yang baik, walaupun leluconnya garing, anda biasanya menjawab, "Bos konyol deh."

Tetapi karena letak huruf Y dan T yang berdekatan dikombo dengan keypad hp yang kecil dikombo lagi dengan jari2 anda yang segede pisang ambon, dikombo lagi dengan anda ngetiknya sambil nyetir, alhasil huruf Y pada kalimat balasan anda ke bos tertukar dengan huruf T. Dan parahnya, anda tidak mengecek lagi kalimat balasan anda karena anda sedang menyetir.

Bisa ditebak kan? Besok pagi pasti bos akan langsung memanggil anda.

Itulah mengapa saya lebih suka keypad alphanumeric daripada qwerty.

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Karapan Sapi – Traditional Cow Racing Festival in Indonesia

Indonesia, an archipelago in Southeast Asia, is a homeland for more than 100 ethnic groups. This large amount of ethnic groups brings Indonesia on having a very rich culture and tradition for one ethnic group has different custom and tradition than the others. One enticing tradition takes place in Madura, one region in the East Java during August until October every year. This tradition is called Karapan Sapi (the Indonesian words for Cow Racing Festival) which attracts visitors from the other regions of Indonesia to come and observe such a picturesque festival in Madura.

Rules of the Cow Racing Festival
While people are normally see horses as participants in a race, the animals participating in Karapan Sapi are cows. Two cows and one man as the jockey are joined as one team and have to race against the other teams. The length of the track is about 100 meters until 200 meters that the cows are able to reach the goal in about 14 until 18 seconds. Because the cows run very fast, the jockey are sometimes darted off the piece of wood which becomes the footing space. First team to reach the goal is considered as the winner and receive a very large amount of money, about 75 until 80 million rupiahs.

Tradition before the Racing
Seeing the big prize that will be received by the winner, many people in Madura have a strong desire of winning the racing. They even call out the best shaman of the village to keep the cow healthy and unhurt until the day of the racing comes. The best food and enough rest are provided by the cow owners while some others do not utilize the cows to hijack the field before the competition is held. Before the racing starts, the cows are being paraded around the track completed with saronen (musical performance from Madura) as the back sound. Saronen music accompanied the cows parade is provided by each participant of the Cow Racing in the purpose of making the race much more cheerful.


Karapan Sapi is the most-waited event for all people in Madura, both participants and spectators. Often, Madura people staying in the other provinces of Indonesia come back to their hometown during August until October only because they want to observe this event.

A junior stunt scholl in Moscow

One of the most intresting places in Moscow is located in the estuary of the Setun river. Behind the tree crowns there are some towers and medieval structures. It’s a special junior stunt school “Master” created in 1993 by the famous stuntman Igor Panin. The school occupies the territory of historical and cultural complex Setun camp. Let’s have a look to the school on the inside.

You can’t view the school from the city. To find the entrance you are to get to the area of Setun passages which is unknown to many muscovites.

There are plenty of different vehicles, military hardware and other devices   
In addition to being a school Setun camp is Russian Stuntmens Association, a museum and a workshop. These monsters were self-made for a demonstration show.

A lot of cars for different kinds of stunts can be found here. They are all made by hands.

Here you can also visit Moscow museum of war history. It’s a unique settlement of the XII century. All who are interested can see exhibits of different times – from the ancient Slavs to nowadays.

Heavy armour.

Let’s move back to school. There are about 200 students and 12 specialities 
The school is free and available to everyone.

Some people come here just to have fun but other – to become a professional stuntman. Nevertheless it takes 5 years to finish the school. There are such specialities as burning, climbing, high-altitude falling, hand-to-hand fighting, car and motorcycle stunts and fencing.

Many people give up.

Sometimes only few students stay in the end of a training course 
At the beginning of the study… warm-up.

Of course first they move the axe very slowly. The body is to get used to it.

Stick fencing.
How to take a sword with your bare hands? They practice their movements slowly and then faster and faster.
Second year students use swords which they make themselves

Students improve their falling skills provided the weather is good.

It isn’t a student, it’s a through-passing stuntman who decided to stretch his legs.

Students jump from a little bit lower.

No doubt, he’s a professional.

Changing position.

100-meter jump is a record of Russia belonging to one of the shool’s stuntmen

It’s funny to view the guys jumping downwards.
There are also girls at the school.

Burning is the easiest stunt any person off the street can do.

First you are to dress special underwear then asbestine suit. There should have been real clothes if we were at the movie. But we decided to use old jeans and jacket.

The back of the jacket is impregnated with special gel which should be inflammable and easy to put out.

It’s the easiest burning stunt. To have more fire you are to go through special training.

Stop! Filmed!
We hope the school will continue to train young people. Good luck!



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